Presidents birthdays and national holidays

Not everyone’s birthday is celebrated by a country, but when it comes to the birthdays of past Presidential leaders, you will find that it is not only a day for celebration, but it is a day of fun and a reason not to be at work.

Keep in mind that it is a national holiday and it gives any business an excuse not to work.

On the third Monday in February, we take time to celebrate the birthdays of some former Presidents. Originally though the Presidents birthdays were celebrated separately.

President’s day was first thought of in honor of George Washington’s birthday, but it has now become a day of honor for all the past presidents.

Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated at a different time, although his birthday is actually February 12. Lincoln’s birthday was never a federal holiday like Washington’s.

This holiday became real in the late 1980’s, where it was first termed as presidents day and it was a way for you to honor mostly Washington and Lincoln, however, it is for all the presidents of the US. Keep in mind that it is not the same holiday through out the states.

In fact, in Massachusetts the governor issues an annual Presidents Day proclamation honoring Presidents that come from Massachusetts. Alabama observes the day as Washington and Jefferson Day, and in Virginia, George Washington’s home state, the holiday is known simply as George Washington Day.

The next time that you celebrate president’s day you may want to think about how the country sees the holiday and how it has not become equally cherished throughout the States.