Baby’s First Birthday celebration

In America, birthdays are something to celebrate. There are numerous hours that is spent on just planning and taking action to throw these parties that will just last only a few hours.

When it comes to having a child, it’s such a joyous moment. When they turn one, it is only right to celebrate it with a big family party and often you’ll invite anyone and everyone.

It is nice to throw a big a first birthday because you are able to celebrate the growth of both mom and baby over the past year. All those people who watched mom grow and give birth, then see how the baby grows throughout the first year now have a reason to get together to celebrate again.

Keep in mind that the child will not remember who came to the party or what they got, but you’ll find that it’s something more for mom and dad.

One important thing that the birthday boy or girl does get to do is celebrate with their own piece of cake, or even their own small cake.

The best part of a first birthday party is when you give a child a piece of the cake or you give them their own cake and you watch the child go head first into their first birthday cake. It is understood that they will make a mess and pictures will be taken. But that is all part of the fun.

Like with all birthdays, gifts are given to the birthday child. Mostly toys and clothes since they spend their first few years outgrowing everything they have.

Often, with a first birthday the child will become overwhelmed and will most likely fall asleep. Then it is up to the family and friends to enjoy the day.